microblading (Permanent Makeup)

microblading  (Permanent Makeup)

Also known as permanent make up, Cosmetic tattoo has become a popular method to enhance, minimize or eliminate the need of applying makeups in daily basis. It makes your eyebrows, eyeliners, lips look darker and fuller. Technically, Microblading, provides a means to partially or fully cover-up missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of replicated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.


The process involves using small pen like tool to insert color pigments small quantity into the skin. The process may take an hour or more depending upon the treatment you want. However, we recommend you to keep aside two hours for the whole procedure. This pigment stays for infinite period but due to many factors like health, environmental and aging, the color may fade. Thus, after the first treatment, touch up treatment within 45 days is recommended. After that, the touch up can be done in every two years.


Features of microblading (Permanent Makeup)

  • It awakens your skin functions and provides deep hydration
  • Gives natural glow to your skin without using any chemicals
  • Injects essential nurishing elements in the screen and removes wrinkles, fine lines, break outs


  • Eyebrows $220.00
  • Eyeliner $220.00
  • Eyeliner (up & down) $380.00
  • Lip liner $250.00
  • Full Lips $400.00
  • Touch up(after 45 days) $85 .00
  • Beauty mark $50 .00

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