Body Polish and Scrub

Body Polish and Scrub

Want to go beyond just facial and give best care to the body? Then body polish is the remedy. The Body Polish technique has many steps and the packs made and applied over your body leaves your body soft and smooth. It is a popular body treatment used to hydrate and exfoliate your skin. Any scrub Product is used to perform the body polish like sugar, salt, coffee grounds and are mixed with massage or essential oils.

 The Therapist will perform the polishing session by lightly rubbing the mixture on your required parts of body. After the polish session, the applied materials in the body are washed off and lotion, cream or oil is applied.  So get ready to have a softer, smoother, moisturized, hydrated, fresh and healthier skin!

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Features of Body Polish and Scrub


  • Body Polish and Scrub-Massage $65.00 & UP
  • Oil Hair Massage $45.00
  • hair Heena Mehendi $45.00
  • Heena Mehendi $15.00 &UP